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Virtual Tour. Matterport ultra-immersive video tours offer a quantum leap into allowing buyers to view your home virtually. They can stand anywhere in the home, look around 360 degrees, take room measurements.

Photo Gallery. HDR high resolution photos, and if valuable drone photos offer an additional perspective for buyers.

Floor Plans. Professionally commissioned floor plans allow buyers to see the exact layout and dimensions of your home.

Brochure. A full colour, four page detailed brochure in downloadable PDF format provides more detailed information about your home, allowing us to point out special features and attributes.

Virtual Live Showings. If a buyer wishes a follow up viewing the next step could be a "live" viewing where the seller or myself walks through the home while connected on a cell phone using a video chat program such a Messenger or Google Hangout. This way the buyer can ask us to show any part of the home in more detail, and answer specific questions. After all the above steps are taken there is also the possibility of allowing the buyer to actually visit the home in person if the seller decides to allow it, but that's a discussion we can have at the time.

Virtual Offer Presentation. Using video conferencing programs such as Zoom offers can be presented remotely.

Digital Signing. Digitial signature programs make it easy for all parties to sign listing and selling documents from the security and convenience of home. The documents are emailed with easy to follow instructions to simply click and virtually sign.


So although the COVID-10 pandemic has confronted us with some serious challenges, it is also actually very exciting to have all these tools available to us with which to market your home.


Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss selling your home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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