The McNeill Family, Highlanders, fought for Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the Battle of Culloden in 1746. They lost, and fled to America

The McNeill Family (1700's) of North Carolina were slave owners and were one of the richest families in America in the 1700's

Jenny Bahn McNeill (b.1720) was a friend of Benjamin Franklin

Captain "Nova Scotia" Daniel McNeill (b.1752) a British officer in the Revolutionary War, was exiled to Canada after the American Revolutionary War

"One-Eyed" Hector McNeill (b.c.1754) had his eye gouged out by his father-in-law during a fight

"Cunning" John McNeill (b.1767) was responsible for the Massacre at Piney Bottom; he was tried for murder but acquitted. (He was guilty!)

Colonel Hector McNeill Sr (d.1781) was a veteran of the 7 Years' War in Europe, fighting for the British

Colonel Hector McNeill Sr (d.1781) died in the American Revolutionary War, leading a charge in the Battle of Cane Creek

Captain "Nova Scotia" Daniel McNeill (b.1752) had to draw his pistols to avoid being murdered by 2 men he had hired to ferry him from Stormont to Halifax